FF-642 Food and Poop Review on Screen PART-1
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FF-642 Food and Poop Review on Screen PART-1

FF-642 Food and poop review on screen with embarrassed girls.

I asked the amateur girls to show me their poop and their normal meals. In the introduction of the meal with a cute self-portrait, the eating habits that you are curious about are also revealed! The girls eat lots of delicious food and poop in front of the camera. When I was observing the hot, hot poop, I noticed that some girls had undigested rice mixed in with their poop… In the end, I watched a close-up of their anus while defecating on the big screen! Please take a look at the amateur girl’s innocent reaction as she blushes in embarrassment at the series of unexpected humiliations!

Date: November 20, 2023