JG-550 It is Girlfriends Poop Party time PART-1
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JG-550 It is Girlfriends Poop Party time PART-1

JG-550 Women gather to make some money. It is girlfriends poop party time!

“Let’s earn some pocket money! Business trip anywhere! Collect friends and get rich quickly!” Female friends who participate in various ways such as friends on campus and housewives poop party. Some groups had a hard time finding friends, but this time 6 groups of 20 people participated. When the staff headed to the scene and started filming, they were happily chatting with each other, and while I felt that they were friends with a strong and familiar bond, it was still embarrassing to poop in front of eachother. Confused face. However, the girl friend who overcomes such shame and holds on to the poop that she has accumulated for this day shines bright red on her face. When the poop comes out of my butt, my friends around me mutter things like, “Wow!” And when everyone ran out, they rolled up the poop and threw it at each other, and had them make letters with poop.


Date: September 4, 2023