JG-564 Shino Hasegawa’s Very Popular Japan Poop Model Part-5
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JG-564 Shino Hasegawa’s Very Popular Japan Poop Model Part-5

JG-564 Several days of close-up photography and self-portraits of Shino Hasegawa’s poop at home. She is an intelligent girl who is attractive for her clear and transparent appearance.

Close-up coverage of excretion at the home of a very popular amateur model!
A simple project post that was unlikely, this time Sosol’s Shino Hasegawa appears with a shy atmosphere! Although she is not used to taking self-portraits, she did her best to adjust her poop and took the photo in good spirits. Since she is a complete self-cooker, there are also videos of her cooking meat and potatoes, seafood bowl, potato gratin, mentaiko pasta, etc., and it’s interesting to see how the rice turns out to be like this. Her hobby is illustration, and I asked Shino-chan, who is very good at realistic drawings, to draw a sketch of herself pooping, so you can enjoy that in the main story! Everyone please enjoy Shino Hasegawa, who is clad in intellectual charm!

Date: May 10, 2024
Actors: Shino Hasegawa